Coaching holds the key to unlock the potential to high performing teams working in an Agile environment. Mark is a Certified Enterprise Coach, who uses a coaching approach when engaging with all parts of an organisation during their Agile journey.

What is Mark’s coaching approach?

As a coach Mark will adapt his approach depending on the position of an individual on their journey towards a particular goal. Indeed individuals, teams and organisations are all responsible for their own learning, but a coach can help guide them on that journey.

  • TeachingWhen an individual/team is new to Agile then a more directive approach will be taken. This is where Mark will use training and teachable moments to build basic competency.
  • GuidingWhen an individual/team has some basic competency they will hit obstacles that may cause confidence to drop. Mark will bring his experience of guiding other Agile teams to help them navigate the best path, helping them reinforce their learning along the way.
  • SupportingAs individuals and teams become more competent they may still require support to help grow in confidence.
  • DelegatingThe team are both confident and competent in a particular context. The coach is only needed if something with the team/individual changes significantly or they require coaching towards a different goal.

A coaching approach promotes learning, which is the right thing if you want Agile to be sustainable.


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