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Scrum Mastery Academy

Throughout my coaching career I have been striving to support the development of Scrum Masters. I am collaborating with Geoff Watts and Karim Harbott to run a Scrum Mastery Academy in the UK that will support the growth of great Scrum Masters.

The Scrum Mastery Academy provides all of the Scrum Education Units (SEU’s) to become a Certified Scrum Professional with the Scrum Alliance and provides the knowledge and skills for those working towards the Certified Team Coach accreditation.

The Scrum Mastery Academy can already be enrolled upon, but we are looking for some feedback from leaders in organisations who may want to develop Scrum Masters or from Scrum Masters themselves.  Any feedback is gratefully received; let us know what you think:

What do you like?

What don’t you like?

What is confusing?

Would this offering be something that you would send ScrumMasters on/go on yourself? and why?

What else?

The event can be found at:


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